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Improve Data Quality

Improve data quality

Your customer base is undoubtedly one of the most valuable assets for your development. When used intelligently, your data opens up new horizons to improve your performance and your results. Data Consulting Kompass gives meaning to your data to identify new sources of growth and improve your commercial efficiency.

Harmonization, updating and enrichment

30% of the data contained in a database becomes obsolete after 10 months.

From audit to data enrichment, we take care of the entire process of structuring and harmonizing your data.

Entrust all or part of your customer base to our specialists for a free, no-obligation audit. You will receive a precise quantified estimate of your data needs.

Customer scoring and profiling

In order to concentrate your prospecting efforts which present the greatest purchasing potential, we set up predictive business modeling based on the analysis of your customer data.

For example: average spend, method and type of purchase, demographics and psychographics…

Identify new sources of growth, target priority markets and assign a purchase score to your customers.

Customer knowledge

By combining your data with those of Kompass and Open Data, we help you easily build custom databases enriched with key information that will allow you to improve the effectiveness of your customer retention and development programs. up-sell and cross-sell.

Our tailor-made solutions to
win new customers

Business Data Solutions

We will review your submission and create your personalised B2B lead finder report and email you a copy for you to review when you are ready. One of our data experts will then get in touch to discuss your results.

Business Sales Intelligence

Whilst the wealth of information available online is undeniable, 82% of sales people feel overwhelmed by the amount of information & the time it takes to investigate leads.

Digital Marketing Solutions

With more than 4 million searches performed online every minute, the challenge for companies looking for digital marketing help is to be found quickly & easily by the right audience and as a result win new business.

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