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Boost Your B2B Marketing Strategy​

Boost your B2B marketing strategy

With more than 25 million nominative emails and 10 million qualified opt-in SMS, Kompass is the reference database in B2B marketing to boost your “drive to web” and “drive to store” strategies.

Tailor-made B2B communication devices

Set up the most effective communication device to reach your target.

Our multi-channel digital marketing solutions offer every opportunity to generate qualified leads.

Combine email and SMS campaigns with a follow-up phone call. All combinations are possible to optimize your ROI!

A qualified base

Access more than 100 targeting criteria to optimize the effectiveness of your marketing operations.

Optimal support

All-in-one: targeting, creation and distribution

Our team of B2B marketing specialists takes care of the entire process for all your campaigns: business segmentation, message creation, routing and statistical reporting. Benefit from our advice and recommendations throughout your operations.

Need to communicate your promotional offers, Open Days or Store Opening?

Our tailor-made solutions to
win new customers

Business Data Solutions

We will review your submission and create your personalised B2B lead finder report and email you a copy for you to review when you are ready. One of our data experts will then get in touch to discuss your results.

Business Sales Intelligence

Whilst the wealth of information available online is undeniable, 82% of sales people feel overwhelmed by the amount of information & the time it takes to investigate leads.

Digital Marketing Solutions

With more than 4 million searches performed online every minute, the challenge for companies looking for digital marketing help is to be found quickly & easily by the right audience and as a result win new business.

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