Global Business Database

5.1 million companies worldwide

6 million phone numbers

3 million web addresses

3 million generic addresses

12 million executive contacts


Some words about us

What can you find on Kompass?
Kompass data includes key company information that can be used to
help enhance your sales & marketing activities.

Why choose us?

We are the biggest and oldest database provider.

We are into the field database business for more than 6 decades. We have research oriented professionals those who rectify database in order to provide correct information.

  • We have specialist to help you.

    We have specific people who are well-versed in the field of organizing database and B2B business. Our industry oriented professional can help you for your potential web presence.

  • Get connected worldwide

    You can get connected worldwide by means of our database that consist of Email address and telephone numbers of industry leaders.

  • What we do?

    We have versatile range of business solutions that can help you to access the global business database and communicate to leaders. You can create your own target profile or we can help you to shape your business requirements. We also help you generating leads and sales by means of providing quality email list and telephone numbers.




    Targeting the right prospects is vital for a successful email campaign. We can provide you with an extensive pool of email contacts.


    Direct Mail is one of the most established and effective ways of reaching out to potential new customers. If you are looking to market within the India or globally.


    Whether it’s a first point of contact, or a follow-up call, telemarketing is an important tool for most businesses. A quality, well-targeted telesales list is important to get the most from your telemarketing activity

Frequently asked questions

What kinds of business solution we can get?

With the help of Kompass you can access largest database that helps taking your business truly global. The multiple ranges of business solutions can help you to promote your business and lead generation.

What are the advertising opportunities on your portal?

A lot of advertising potential lying on our portal starting your online presence to international visibility and communication with manufacturers, exporters, distributors and wholesalers as well.

How many visitors are there on your portal?

We have an unparalleled numbers of visitors on our portal. We have global presence consisting of more than 6 million visitors per month. Your advertisement on Kompass will surely be rewardable.

From which part of the world you have potential visitors?

We have potential visitors across the globe. However, we have very high numbers of visitors in Europian countries and North America as well.